About Us

1. Who are we?

Pewaticket is a product of speedweb solutions aiming at collecting funds and dispatching of tickets online on behalf of event organizers and service providers. Well now that you asked us what are we let us make it easy for you by asking you what we are.

i. Do you have an upcoming event?

Don’t worry just send us a banner of your event and event details via whatsapp 0742439691 or admin@pewaticket.com indicating:

  1. Event name.
  2. Venue of the event.
  3. Prices of ticket categories.
  4. Date of the event.
  5. Host name (if any).
  6. Sponsor’s name.

ii. Do you have any plan of how you are going to manage your ticket sales?

Pewaticket has done everything for you’ll  be able to receive logins to event management portal where you can track your ticket sales as soon as your event is posted.

iii. Would you like to transform your services from customers queuing to customers doing self-ticketing online?

Pewaticket is equipped with a scalable system ready to be customized to fit in to your own business service to provide ticketing solutions for your customers to book appointments.

2.What are our terms.

i. For ticket  sale services,we charge only 5% per transaction.

ii.The owner of the event receives their total payable amount within 24 hrs after the event.

iii.For ticketing system integration  to your website, kindly email us info@pewaticket.com for precise quotation.